Duke Student Broadcasting is Duke University’s student-run broadcasting network stationed in Durham, North Carolina. Prior to Fall 2010, Duke Student Broadcasting was known as “Cable 13″ but was rebranded in order to introduce an updated, interactive multimedia outlet to Duke University. The organization currently runs as an online multimedia broadcasting website.

Through its operations, Duke Student Broadcasting looks to provide Duke audiences with multimedia coverage of the Duke community, while providing education and experience in multimedia production to its various members. Additionally, the network looks to reach out to other student organizations and educational departments in order to highlight the interests and passions of Duke students, faculty, and staff.

Our organization provides opportunities for anyone with a passion for multimedia production, and we happily invite students with an interest in:

  • photography
  • videography
  • broadcasting
  • television reporting
  • written journalism
  • web design
  • motion graphics
  • graphic design
  • or simply the desire to learn something new

to join Duke Student Broadcasting today!

DSB functions as an official committee of the Duke University Union.